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To us, très chic suggests a casual elegance, unique style, and state of mind which is youthful, fresh and a little avant-garde. 

We created Très Chic Rosé to complement your life and style. 



Our story

Très Chic Rosé is a sip of Southern France, an escape to lavender fields, coastal vineyards and Mediterranean beaches.

Created by an American woman who moved to France, Très Chic evokes a state of mind: youthful, fresh and avant-garde.


our rosé

The coastal terroir of Southern France produces exuberant wines with flavors of red berries, citrus and tropical fruit. This rose petal hued wine also offers aromatics of red currant and thyme.  Delicate on the palate with balanced acidity, Très Chic Rosé pairs stunningly with shellfish, grilled meats, salmon, sushi, charcuterie, pizza, creamy sauces, mild cheeses and spiced dishes such as Asian or Latin cuisine.  

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